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Sometimes a kayak ride becomes a part of our digital journey!

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Beyond just these pics, uploaded to the Cloud and digitally preserved for our collective future; the opportunity to kayak on Biscayne Bay as a part a program through my alma mater , Florida International University, provided a great chance for reflection. Now that we're well entrenched in 2021 and the Covid-shrouded past year begins to recede somewhat, I wanted to make the formal announcement of my latest project on this often neglected blog (which will have weekend postings as my academic calendar allows for the remainder of 2021).

Having just begun 'South Florida Solar Team' in collaboration with Encor Solar, I'm proud to be part of a firm that's helping local Floridians save a ton of money while also preserving areas like Biscayne Bay through the transition to renewable energy. Our efforts provide an opportunity to showcase the savings, environmental impact, and momentum helping more and more homeowners choose solar. Please visit the new website, and feel free to leave feedback and suggestions, and thank you for joining me on our shared digital journey!

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