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Local SEO in Palm Beach and Beyond

As we continue to look at the ways to drive people looking for local services to your site (and place of business, wherever it may be) its important to consider the ways you can create a fully detailed Google My Business presence. In terms of prime real-estate for local SEO in Palm Beach and beyond, the GMB account and its features make up one of the primary areas to shine online.

Google Business Profile on mobile device, with concept being promotion of eric digital marketing agency for local SEO

The first bit of attention here should be paid to name change for 'GMB' to Google Business Profile, and the preferred method of access now being through Search for single-location businesses. Agencies and multi-location businesses will still have access to their dashboard, at least for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, I'll try to highlight some methods of enhancing your Google Business Profile from both points of entry.

As your Profile relies on accurately presenting your business details and location, make sure each item in the 'Info' section has been carefully addressed, as described in last week's posting, with keywords and descriptive phrases that match your audience(s). Make your 'Posts' as involving as possible, both with respect to keywords and calls to action that truly motivate your clientele.

Different post formats are called for at different times (you'll see 'Events,' 'What's New,' and even 'Covid Updates') but across all posting types be sure to include the same type of geotagging of images as described previously using this (free) site. Another factor to consider stems from the ability to create a link in this space, and with regular postings you can make use of this space to link to promotions on your site, your social profile, and other important aspects of your business online. Think of it as a billboard provided by Google, without charge, for your presence on the Internet and fill it with the content you want to be seen (and related to your business) by online audiences.

A beautiful West Palm Beach night as shown on the downtown skyline, to illustrate the concept of local seo knowledge for South Florida with eric
Beautiful West Palm Beach skyline courtesy of Richard Sagrado through Unsplash

An overlooked component of the Google Business Profile, accessible at this point through the Google Business page, is that of website creation. For much less than many providers such as GoDaddy and other domain hosting sites, you can easily find out the cost of certain domains (like, or without committing to the purchase. And Google will also create a very basic website, with a framework that can be easily modified and a scrolling feed that links to your Profile and Postings.

Whether you decide to employ their basic design interface, or not, the 'Website' component of Google Business Profiles can help by amplifying your Profile postings and creating a potential tool for backlinks to your main website (if it isn't being used for that purpose already). For more on backlinks and their value, visit one of the leading voices in that space here.

Another important section of what was until recently called Google My Business is the 'Products' section, of course for businesses with physical stores and products, but also for online-only companies selling packages that are offered digitally. No matter your brand or category of your business, if you're offering a good or service for sale, make a 'Product' posting to highlight its value (and link to a corresponding webpage and/or Google Shopping entry whenever possible). Again, by doing these simple activities your business can present a much more complete online 'storefront,' and allow for people to view the goods and services you offer in ways that 'convert' to purchases (and profits!)

A final insight for today 's posting centers on a simple way of connecting with those looking for your business on Google. Using the 'Messages' component of your Google Business Profile, simply turn 'On' the setting and wait for confirmation to appear. Once you're setup, in the same way that you should respond promptly to all 'Reviews' given your Profile on Google, also return any messages sent within 24 hours, both for your customers as well as to show the search giant that you are actively engaging with its platform. All of the interactions boost your 'ranking' for local search results, and help propel you into the ultimate goal for local search: breaking into the Google '3 pack' of listings highlighted for a given search.

In the next blog posting, we'll cover more fully what it takes to rank for local SEO, both using the new Google Business Profile, as well as other means and platforms. Stay tuned to this blog for more information, and reach out now for your own, no-cost digital marketing consult, whether for Palm Beach County, South Florida, or elsewhere, we'll make sure your brand has all the local presence it needs to spur growth and exceed expectations!

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