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Choosing the content that surrounds you:

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Edison watches a streaming Ryan episode with much fascination

Even on a Sunday morning, still relatively early, our four-year old and I have devoured our share of streaming services and other online fare. From my browsing the New York Times and Wall Street Journal for headlines, to his watching of the latest Ryan content on YouTube before heading out to the park nearby. Along with family activities we all choose our entertainment and news sources and are advertised to accordingly, from nearly the moment we wake up.

On the short ride to the playground its likely we'll hear radio jingles, and equally likely I'll get another call from Sirius offering their service back for our car. My point being: we're constantly deciding what media we consume. By being aware of our digital consumption, we get to decide what products, services, and even events we support and which will continue to be offered to us in the future.

And as a digital marketing professional, I want to hear about (and have to constantly be listening for) the kinds of digital content people crave. Because with the right approach, and yes, the proper content, we can all be part of the magic that makes up my kind of 'perfect moments,' those that arrive whenever we're being marketed what we truly need.

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