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Celebrate your Independence Day, digitally!

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

With the current record levels of media chatter, channels, and sheer creative content it's a fair question to ask: how does digital media (and marketing) contribute to your life this Independence Day?

As a digital marketing professional I see the opportunity for a lot of freedoms in the wide-open world of online content. From the ability to connect across social media platforms with a mobile device, to the proximity of hobbyist and professional groups of all stripes and sizes, the Internet and our online universe forms an compelling tool and even foundation for our modern lives. But how can we gain freedom from using such resources?

Over time this posting will evolve to look at the different ways we can use websites, apps, and software solutions to make our lives easier and celebrate Independence Day, on the very devices that have helped us connect and share in previously unimaginable ways!

(Further thoughts) Though we all use devices that leave a digital signature in different ways, its important for marketers like myself, as well as consumers, to value their information and digital identity. More and more, our online lives do more than celebrate ourselves, they form our foundation in many areas and a primary way to communicate. With an understanding of our online selves, and our inherent 'digital value,' we can each make decisions about how (and where) to be told about new products, new brands, and exciting offerings from our favorites. As audiences become increasingly savvy, its up to marketers to relate the right stories at the right time and reach people in the moments that solve their problems.

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